Mintable, the leaders in the NFT marketplace, and what the future is of ERC721.

What are NFT’s?
Non-Fungible Tokens. It essentially covers everything deemed as assets both in the real-world and in the digital space, from Email domains that all of us used to squabble for, to Digital cards of Titans holding our world and clearly breaking chains, to ‘1909 T206 Honus Wagner’ Baseball card that you hope to find in your grandfathers basement. Could we even see this space going into real-estate in the very near future?

Leaders in the market

The NFT market has been bubbling in the market place for about a year now, and I cant wait to see what Zach Burks has in store for this space.

While alot of the market is only unwrapping its potential now, Zach has begun exploration into this currently developing space from way back in 2018, starting with first the which focused then on being a resource management tool, as well as a generator for online content creators to take their artwork that they create, like music to CryptoKitties and tokenizing them into ERC721 tokens. Which then becomes an item that is digitally tangible on the block-chain.

Since then, Mintable has come a long way, with alot of positivity from the community because of its (dare I say)Mint ;) and easy to use GUI. Because it is running on the block-chain it authenticates and traces these collectibles, so you know for sure it really is Gandhi’s glasses.

Okay, so they were the first ones that created the first platform to allow minting a token and managing it, in 2018.
Its 2020 now, and Biden’s the president.

What we can expect from them now.
Zach has finally mentioned he will be releasing updates for Mintable v2.0!
It is said to be focusing on being THE market place for everything NFT, as well as focusing on being the most flexible NFT creator’s tool ever made. Based on everything they have done, we certainly can expect solid code on a beautiful and easy GUI.

Their Market place (being the first and only place to go to make NFT’s) on Zilliqa gained alot of traction from launch, seeing 1000+ created NFT’s in the first 2 weeks.

This is huge for artist and creators as you can imagine, for it allows them to be able to take their work and trade it and even make a profit off it.

What the Future will see for ERC721.
The sole ability of minting a creation or an artwork into the block-chain.
Could mean that when you purchase that limited to (int-artist choice)single that your favorite musician publishes, they could have incentivised it with with tour tickets for the next year.
Which means you can now trade and potentially profit on that as an ERC721 token, along with their tongue licking album art that they have also included with the single.

This is exciting because we will see a progression of the space which runs on the block-chain enter the mass-market space.
That’s only one potential in the NFT market, so come join us to uncover more of this quickly developing space!

But don’t just trust me just because very soon Ill be able to trade the card I found in the basement for a sweet mansion that my Picasso can be hung in (Sunglasses-Emoji).
Verify it yourself! and follow their updates to be kept in the loop!
The Mintable Market place on ethereum
The Mintable Market place on Zilliqa